CAF controls that need better documentation?

Hi Martin/sivaraman/All,

This no longer exists? Where can I find all examples listed in that site?. Plrase help me.


All the latest documentation and samples are available here:

I agree with some of the previous suggestions (e.g. content providers, script stuff) but here’s one that’s got me before:

Dependent dropdowns, where the values are prepopulated.

So say I wanted to pick a car, and I have three dropdowns: make, model and submodel.

I open a dialog, pick a car, a script control refreshes the next dropdown; I pick a model, a script control refreshes the last dropdown, I pick the submodel. I hit Okay on the dialog. I submit the task data (including what I’ve just selected) and head off to lunch.

Coming back from lunch I log in again, open up my task and realise I’ve selected the wrong submodel! So I open my dialog again, but the lazy developer has just set all three dropdowns to blank, because he couldn’t work out how to prepopulate the make, model and submodel dropdown options using the Software AG dependent dropdowns sample. So I have to click through all the dropdowns again - how annoying. I thought this new system was supposed to SAVE me time!

So there it is: how can I prefill the dropdowns based on the current values in my business data?

IMO the best documentation are examples, examples, examples. Why not providing a showcase page like

with a live demo and the source code?


Agreed re: examples. What about a full example on how to create the correct provider for server-side filtering, including a simple web service in the example. Loads of stuff is skipped in that section of the documentation.

Also, the documentation often is just huge lists of identical stuff (e.g. do I really need to know what the Rendered property does for each control?)

Much more control-specific detail is needed.

Detailed documentation for charts could be very much helpful, and it would be good if we can have the API and use case documentation in HTML as we have for webMethods JAVA Api.

Abhishek Jain

Hi All and Thomas,

I have seen a document (8-0-SP1_Designer_CAF_Development_Help) where all the properties of a control is explained comprehensively. Specially those which can be configured by developer.

It briefly explains about the control and than list downs all the property of the control in tabular format.

This table contains the name of the property, default value, set of values allowed and comparative behavior of the control with different values.

It is very useful. But then this documents are not available in empower or

Moreover this documents should be available for all the version of the product.

One key point I want to highlight here is the tech forum search functionality is very poor. I am not sure only it Subject, Tag is part of search query. Thats why most of the search try result to Search Results: 0 records were found.

@Manoj Kumar, The documentation of the CAF controls and their properties was moved to the “CAF Tag Library Reference” starting with version 9.6 which is available from

For OpenCAF, a showcase was provided on the community site that shows examples of each of the CAF controls. See: