caf - autogenerate UI from WSD

hello out there

i have recently changed from the Integrations Server 7 to the Integration Server 8

i created a flowservice as on the old IS and i tried to request it from the developer 8 - everything works as expected

but if i create the ui from the wsd to the service, the request is not proceed correctly

i have a datatype like this

document list

  • string
  • string
  • document list
  • string

and the nested document list is allways “null” and i dont know why…
is there any know issue that maybe help? i didnt found anything in the forum search…

something that really confuses me, if i autogenerate the UI with the developer 8 with the old service, directly from the flow, it works, if i generate a wsd from this flow, it dont work

if i uses the same flow from the new IS no of those ways work…

Do you see any kind of error there? Where do yo create the WSD from the flow service -Developer or Designer-?
best regards,

Better you drag and drop the IS service from the IS panel in the Designer to the Canvas.

Then you do the necessary UI changes.

I think it will do…

– naidu