CAF Application

HI All,

i developed a CAF application and publish to MWS but end user its asking for credentials so how to disable or remove login to view the page
on the MWS server on user perspective

Could you please articulate your question clearly? Do you want end users to access the CAF portal you deployed to MWS anonymously. By that I mean without having to login to MWS?

Hi Prasad

Thanks for the reply,
you are right , end user of the CAF application must see the page without login into it or anonymously

but now its asking for the credentials we upgrade from 8.2 to 9.12 version recently only

Please check if the permissions on the portal page got overridden during upgrade.

– Navigate to the portal page through Folders section.
– Click on “Tools” icon on cornor-right (little right headed arrow)
– Click on “Permissions”
– Under “Manage Permissions”, add “Everyone” group and remove other groups if necessary

Now this page should be accessible without login to MWS.

NOTE: One simple way to make your portal page publicly accessible is to simply add your page under “Public Folders”. All pages under public folders are anonymous and are inherited to "Everyone group.

If you want to be able to access the page without logging in you will have to set the auth scheme to anonymous in the Permissions UI of the thing.

And, items under Public Folders are not actually “anonymous” by default. They are just visible to the “Everyone” group which includes all the users.

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thanks All

it worked while changing permission in Authentication Scheme: to anonymous of the portlet