CADK/WM4.5/Bug in publishing ?


Since I’m using WebMethods 4.5, my adapter doesn’t work anymore.

In fact in my ScriptInvoke() I publish document by myself using :
AdapterScriptAcess.publishEvent(BrokerEvent event)

It works fine with WebMethods 4.0 but with 4.5 I’ve got :

at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.setEnvelope(
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.setEnvelope(, Compiled Code)
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.Operation.publishEvents(
at COM.activesw.adapter.MyAdapter.MyAdapterTemplate.scriptInvoke(, Compiled Code)
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.Operation$
at Method)
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.Operation.doPrivileged(
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.Operation.scriptInvoke(
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.processPublication1(, Compiled Code)
at com.wm.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.processPublication(
at, Compiled Code)

I checked my BrokerEvent, all is fine (it seems !), not null…

If someone has an idea… Thanks in advance

Matthieu Boujonnier


With wm4.5 version webMethods added few more variables in the envelope… Pl check that you have taken care of all those variables…

this may be areason for null pointer exception…


Thanks Sampath !

I’m studying the diffences between env fields in 4.1 & 4.5… I hope to find something.

But in 4.1 the BrokerEvent event = access.newOutputEvent(transaction) call create a fully filled event ready to be sent and it’s not the case in 4.5 (the same error occurs), don’t you think it’s a bug ?