cache DB data on service startup

Hi, hope this is the right spot!

I am newish to WebMethods IS and I would like to cache some data in my flow service from the Database so I don’t have to go and read it every time. Basically a one off call to the DB table to store some configuration/environment information.

I’m using WebMethods IS version 9.8.

Has anyone done this and able to give an example or point me to some documentation?



Hi John,

you can use the properties of the service to define caching.

Make sure, that you call the service either as transformer or define the appropriate scope for the service.
Otherwise the caching is not working correctly as the key for the caching is the pipeling being present at the time when the caching service is invoked.

See Working-With-Designer Guide as well as Service-Development-Help for further informations.


Additionally you can also leverage the feature of EhCache and Terracotta capabilities for putting and getting from cache eliminating DB reads and writes which increases performance and cluster aware.

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