C# Tamino

Hi everyone,
Can someone please send me an example code of some C# code connection to Tamino and querying some XML files. Maybe some windows application or web application that queries employees or maybe the XML files provided in the APINET folder. I just need to understand how its done before I can create mine. The examples here doesnt seem clear enough to me.


Have you looked in the samples folder?

The most trivial samples are under SimpleSamples.

Under QuerySamples QueryItemIterator or QueryPageIterator are probably the most typical.

Look at the Architectural Overview to get a high level view of how the main API components cooperate.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply. Whenever I run the console examples, the dos window pops up and disappears. What could be wrong?
I added Console.Readline() to the code still nothing.


Did you try running the exe’s from the command line?

I’m sure that’s how they were intended to be run.

Thanks Mark. I tried thru the cmd line and worked. Just one more thing please. I tried the FillReadOnly examples and changed the collection to Hospital and Query to input()/patient but saw nothing.
I understand how it works a little bit now, but I think Im still short. I want to know how to query for example the patient collection (atkins.xml, bloggs.xml etc)

Im used to SQL and if understand this well, I think the xml files (atkins,bloggs.xml) represents something like tables in SQL. Could u write a simple code to query atkins for example then I should get the whole picture.

Thanks Mark

Ps. I loaded the atkins bloggs.xml etc into mydb database (http://localhost/tamino/mydb) collection Hospital.

DataSets are slightly more complex items!

Try using:

URL = http://localhost/tamino/mydb
Collection = Hospital
Query = input()/patient/name

Now I get it.Thanks a lot Mark.

Instead of writing input()/patient/name in the query field
I tried

for $a in input()/Patient let $b:= $a/born where $b=1950 return $a but had nothing loaded. Syntax error?

Try using the Tamino Interactive Interface to help develop the queries.

Should be under the Start->Tamino->Development tab.

It allows you to experiment with various Tamino features (especially queries) before placing them into raw API calls.

Sorry to bother you Mark. When I put input()/patient in the Tamino I. Interface. It doesnt give me the required results.

It gives this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>

And I reckon it should show the xml files in the mydb database.

Are you certain that you are issuing the request against the correct database and collection?

The response you have is typical of a query that returns no matching results.

It had to do with case. I had input()/Patient instead of patient.