C# Stub and Natural Variable Arrays

We are trying to create a working C# stub out of a Natural Subprogram, which has variable arrays defined in the parameter data area.

For example,
#ARRAYX (A5/1:V)

After, creating the C# stub and calling the method from an ASPX webform, we are getting the following SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime error…

00010076: Server does not support RPC Protocol Version needed for Request.

We noticed that the C# stub created another class called arrayHandler?

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

what version of EntireX (Workbench) are you using? What version of Natural RPC Server are you using?

We are using…
Workbench 721
RPC Server 711

Natural RPC version only goes up to 5.1. What version of Natural are you using? There are some differences in what is supported between the mainframe and the Windows/Unix versions of Natural

We are using Natural v4.1.3