C APIbs on AS400

I’m very new on the webmethods stuff, so sorry when my question is not clear or not in the right menu…

We want to use Webmethods’ Broker on an AS/400 in a COBOL environment. Does anyone know if the C API’s can be used on AS/400 or is there another way to communicate with the broker? (JAVA is not desired).

Regards Jemo

Jemo, webMethods offers a Global Field Adapter (GFA) for the AS/400.

AS/400 Field Adapter Highlights:

  • Call Programs on AS/400 - The Cobol API you are trying to access should be an AS/400 program that you can invoke by calling ‘CALL LIB\XXX.PGM’

  • Call CL Commands on AS/400

  • Read/Write from Sequential Data Queues

  • Read/Write from Keyed Data Queues

  • Data Queue Listeners for outbound Notifications from AS/400

  • Connection Pooling

  • Integrated UI (DSP Pages) for Managing AS/400 Data Sources

Supported Platforms:

The AS/400 field adapter has been tested on Integration Server 4.6 and webMethods 6.0.1 on Windows 2000


The AS/400 adapter does not support Hierarchical record structures for reading/writing from Programs or Data Queues

You can get more information on this adapter from the Global Field Adapter group at: gfa@webmethods.com
or contact your webMethods Sales Rep, or go to the webMethods Advantage website at: http://advantage.webmethods.com
Go to: Home > Global Field Adapter Program > Available Adapters




a) You can have broker clients on AS400. These broker clients can use the broker C API. Broker clients publish & subscribe-to documents.

b) webMethods broker server cannot be installed/configured on an AS400. OS400 to my knowledge is not a supported OS for webMethods Broker.

c) webMethods AS400 field adapter is a super charged IS package that enables IS services to call CL/RPG programs and do other operations as identified in Wayne’s note.

Uday Yallapragada.

Hi Uday. Can you not use the broker Java api on the AS/400 ? You mention using the C API. There is a Java Toolkit for the AS/400…