BytesToString builtinservice corrupts data

We have a service that creates a zip file in the form of an array of bytes. Per webMethods support, we are calling the bytesToString service to remove html tags that get wrapped around the data when we send it back to a java servlet.

The problem is that now the bytesToString call is corrupting the original data. We get a zip file that cannot be opened. This worked fine on one system B2B 4.0.1, but is not working on our other system, B2B 4.0.2.

We have identical JVMs on both machines, however the machine running 4.0.1 is Solaris 2.6 and the machine running 4.0.2 is running Solaris 2.8.

We’ve to do some character encoding with the bytesToString call but this has not fixed the problem. Any sugguestions?