Bytes to String

I have one XML which contains some content feild with bytes.

when I convert the XML string to Node and Node to document then I was getting the conent in a string which actually contains the bytes data.

I have to convert that data into string.

I am using bytesToString service to do that but the input for it is bytes…but I have my input int he form of String.

Can anyone help on this please???


Can you please elaborate it?
what do you mean by “XML which contains some content feild with bytes”?


Your issue is really confusing…what is your flow trying to do?? In the results pane are you seeing String (which its content in bytes)??Its kind fo strange…


For Example


The data that was there in content tag is in bytes I have to convert that into string…

when I convert the XML String to document I am getting content string in pipeline which has the bytes data…


From where you are getting this data?? received thru TN or direct HTTP/FTP request??Is your XML has some encrypted content in it that you are expecting from the source??


I got that data converted…

Thanks for all ur help

Can you elaborate on how you converted it?

Can you share the resolution part here…Thanks!!

I have used http service to invoke bytestostring service by giving the by giving name as bytes and value as content string in the arguments of http invoke…

Why do you need have http call?? I dont see any reason for it for this kind of coversion?? I am totally lost…

Are you just trying to simulate the receive XML process for your testing??



Thanks for ur coments.