buttons Open/Cose Navigation in Workplace


I study the Workplace with an example: NJXDEMO/WPWORPLACE

You can see three buttons called Buttons Navigation (Close/Open the Dynamic Left Menu)

Unfortunally, it’s not possible the left bottom menu.

Have you a tips to close all components of this left menu ? Or have you the name of javascript that open/close this dynamic left menu.



Am I correct that you mean the “Close Navigation Frame” and “Reopen Navigation Frame” buttons?

If yes:
I have to admit, the NJXDEMOS/xml/wpworkplace.xml is not “optimal” designed to demonstrate these buttons. This buttons have only impacts on the frame holding the navigation tree.
If you design your frames slightly differently, you see the real idea behind it. I’ve attached an example for this: sampleworkplace.xml

How to run it:

  1. Copy the file into the “njxdemos/xml” subfolder of the cisnatural webapplication.
  2. Generate the html file for the sampleworkplace.xml. Use for instance the Layout Manager tool to do so.
  3. Start the sampleworkplace in your browser


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sampleworkplace.xml (1.14 KB)