Business Rule is not getting invoked from Business Process

Hi All,

I am new to BPM and as part of sample POC I have created one business rule and deployed/exported the same in My webMethods Server.

Whenever I am trying to run Business Rule (Decision Table) from Designer then it is working as expected but I want to invoke the rule from BPM task.
For that I have created one simple Business Process and invoked my rule from Rule Task.

Now for testing I am publishing a document which is successfully triggering the business process but at Rule step it is failing.

I can see below log from IS server log which is not very helpful for me to understand.

1600c6f0-0401-1055-ac06-ffffffff2af0:1, MID=SampleBPM/getSomeInfo, MVer=1: process started
A business rules exception occurred. Cannot find project with key ProjectInformation[projectName=BusinessRuleProj,projectVersion=nullVersion,uniqueJarName=BusinessRuleProj,projectCreatorApp=,deployedBy=,source=,correlationID=,isUserId=,isHost=,isPort=]
1600c6f0-0401-1055-ac06-ffffffff2af0:1, S20: exception invoking service wm.businessrules.runtime.consumer:invoke: [PRT.0101.9125] Service wm.businessrules.runtime.consumer:invoke failed.
1600c6f0-0401-1055-ac06-ffffffff2af0:1, MID=SampleBPM/getSomeInfo, MVer=1: process failed

I am using webMethods 9.12 environment.

Could you please assist ?


Hi Yogesh ,

Have you deployed the rule project to Integration Server ?

Right click on the rules project and click on export , then select Rules Project to Integration Server Runtime.
The runtime for rules project is Integration Server. So, the rules project must be present on IS.

Hello Rakesh,

Thanks a lot for the info. it is working fine after exporting to IS runtime.