Business Process Not Getting Reflected

Hi All,

Currently there is a BPM process model that we are trying to deploy from DEV → SIT and we are facing the following issue.

  1. The process model instance is not getting enabled.
  2. The process instance is not visible in MWS under the Business process.
  3. The deployment is carried out via designer, i.e. manual deployment.
  4. Through wmDeployer, we are not able to create even the first build set, through out an error as; ‘unable to cast string’…

Need help.


please provide your wM version with Fixes applied (esp. for Deployer and WmDesigner).
Remember to update the WmDeployerResource package on both IS after applying Fixes to Deployer.

Please provide more details about the error message.

In the Process Model Properties there is an tab for Deployment options which should be set to “Enable automatically upon deploy”.
See Process Development Guide for details.

When using Deployer for deploying process models these should be deployed as runtime based.
Otherwise there will be no image in the database to be displayed with the process model.

Make sure that you have configured the RemoteServer on both IS correctly and that you have defined the LogicalServer in WmDesigner package config. The name of the logical server needs to be identical on both IS instances.

When defining the deployment set of type BPM first select the process model to be deployed and then during dependency checking add the package which contains the implementation of the process steps. It is recommended to specify a different package than that which contains the real implementation by just defining the steps as “invoke a service” and specify the service with the real implementation. By doing so it is easier to regenerate the model package when it gets corrupted without affecting the implementation details.

When generating from Designer make sure that you have defined the Process Audit Database connection correctly in the Preferences Dialog as well as that the IntegrationServer is named by the name of the logical server to be used.
Otherwise generation can result in weird error messages.


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Thanks a ton for the reply, we whatever steps you have mentioned it is indeed available.#

Having said that, we did notice for runtime below is the error. Do let us know if this would help


to analyse further we will definitely require the list of applied fixes for your instances.
Esp. for Packages WmDeployer, WmDeployerResource and WmDesigner.

These can be found under /WmRoot/updates.dsp in IS Admin UI.