Business Data coming as NULL

Hi All,

Whenever I try to execute a SOAP Request via postman, I see NULL as the field values in the Monitor tab in my WMIO instance. I am passing values which are not NULL in my request. Please find the screenshot of the same.
Can you let me know as to why this is happening? Also, what is the meaning of “Total Documents” here?

Hi Atul,
Is your incoming document structure is matching with input doc configured on flow service?


Please consider first part of the question as resolved. The issue was with setting the Content-Type in the Headers as “text/xml” when trying to do a post from external system.

Coming to the second part: “Also, what is the meaning of “Total Documents” here?” Can you please tell as to which document it is talking about?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Atul,

The execution page displays the total number of documents processed by the FlowService, the number of documents processed successfully, the number of documents that did not process successfully, and the success score.

reference document link : Monitor - Integration


Thanks Bharath!

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