Bulk Import - set lifecycle state

I’m developing a tool to import data into CentraSite so that we can have a bulk import when first setting the Catalog.
I have my own asset type with a LifeCycle defined.

My question is:
Can I set the assets I import to a Life Cycle state different than the entry state?
How can I do it?

Programmatically it should be possible, since the Life Cycle is another taxonomy, so I should be able to add the corresponding classification, but when I tried, the asset still remained in the entry state.

what is your Use Case for this? What you can do is preserve the original lifecycle state in an import by selecting the corresponding option in the import dialog.


This can be achieved Programmatically in two ways.

  1. Use setState Action for post create policy to change the states of the asset after creation.
  2. Create a custom policy action for post create event type and use LCM API inside the policy action to change the state of the asset.

kindly let us know if you need more information…and As Mr. Gerald asked could you please share what is the use case? And

Thanks and Regards,
Malligarjunan S.

Hi, you might also want to check this project


Hello all,

The intention of the import is to have a text file that is manually filled wit the information regarding all the services that we want to insert as assets in the catalog, including the lifecycle state, and when I import it, I need to set the correct state for all the assets.

I read the LCM API and used it to solve my problem.
In the import, after creating the service, I’m using the lcm to make as many lcstate changes as necessary to reach the one desired.

Thank you both for the input!
(and sorry for not replying earlier)

Hi Mehmet,

We found that cs-utils-importer doesn’t answer our needs. That was also our first approach.
We’re using the CSAF API to create our own importer.