Building my first artifact

I’ve created a simple flow service that runs locally. I would now like to go through the motions of deploying it to another WebMethods IS server. Before I start messing around with continuous integration tools, I was wondering if there is a way I can generate an artifact in my Designer tool (running version 10) that can then be imported into another server.

Gild a

As the source are actually “living” inside the Integration Server, even if using local development, this is done using Deployer, not Designer.

Using Deployer is described in the Deployer_Users_Guide, which covers depoyment from one IS to another (runtime based deployment) as well as deploying from a source code repository (repository based deployment) which is mainly used when doing CI/Devops.


If you just want a simple and manual procedure, you can use the “Publish” feature, which creates an installable zip file you can transfer to the target server (it is placed in the ‘replicate/outbound’ folder of the source server and you should transfer it to the ‘replicate/inbound’ folder of the target).

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