Building a servlet with eclipse

Hello together,
Im a tamino-starter, trying to build a tomcat-servlet which give me the ability to acccess the tamino-server.
First of all I installed the Sysdeo-Tomcat-Plugin for Eclipse. It works very fine, I just made some easy servlets and this was really a peace of cake with this plugin 8=)

But now I try to include the Tamino Java-API to the classpath of Eclipse.
First I choose the whole directory in which I found these jar-files:

Than I included each jar-file directly.
But I got each time the same error:

What can I do, what is the problem?

Gruss Christian

Hi Christian,
You need to add the Tamino API jar files to the project you are developing. If you right-click on the project name in the Eclipse Explorer window, select “Properties”, select the “Libraries” tab and then press “Add External Jars” you can navigate to the …\SDK\TaminoAPI4J\lib location and add all of the jar files.
I hope this helps.

Yes, that it was. But I also have to copy these Jars into the context-directory of the servlet. I mean into …/WEB-INF/lib.

Gruss Christian