Build MWS assets using ABE

Hi Everyone,

We have a SAG 9.7 environment in BAU and is in the process of migrating that to new servers along with the 10.x upgrade. We currently (in the 9.x) do NOT use ABE for build and is keen to use the ABE features along with CCE to build and deploy the artifacts.

I copied the IS & MWS assets from the 9.7 environment and tried out a build using the ABE and the IS artifacts were successfully built …but the ABE is not recognizing the MWS package. The flag in the build properties is ‘true’ for both IS & MWS.

Question is .

  1. Do I need to upgrade/migrate the MWS before I can build using ABE ?
  2. Did anyone else come across an issue like this of building MWS with ABE ?

Any pointers to resolve the issue is much appreciated.