build error

I am getting an error upon build and upload - any ideas?

Error: Build of process “InitiateConflictCheckProcess” failed. Please check the log file for more information.
at com.webMethods.process.generator.TriggerGenerator.cleanUpEmptyPackages(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.TriggerGenerator.cleanTriggerFromPreviousIS(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.TriggerGenerator.cleanupTrigger(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.TriggerGenerator.generateTriggers(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.ProcessModelGenerator.generateModel(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.ProcessModelGenerator.generateModel(
at com.webMethods.process.generator.actions.GenerateProcessAction.checkForMetadataAndGenerate(

If you haven’t solved this yet, or come across similar problem in future, I’d have a look at what is already on the IS when rebuilding the process. I’ve seen similar (not identical) issues when changes have been made on the IS to the packages generated by Designer which confuse the rebuild.

Ideally it would handle such things more gracefully, but while it tries to preserve changes where it can, this might not always be possible. This looks like maybe the logical server has been changed, or the trigger on the IS has been modified (renamed, conditions changed, or similar).

For a quick fix, I’d consider deleting the generated JMS triggers in the package on the IS, or if you haven’t modified the generated packages, maybe even the entire package. For a more considered approach, try to identify which specific trigger or process step is showing the problem, then save any custom coding, delete/move the relevant item and then rebuild.