Build Error - Web SDK Angular

I am unable to build the example cockpit application using the web SDK for Angular I am getting the following error:

ERROR in vendors~app.f2185e0d764e852f7e65.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token: keyword «const» [vendors~app.f2185e0d764e852f7e65.js:222928,0]

I haven’t edited anything in the example app just trying to build, anyone know how to fix this?

What command did you use to build?The older command (angularJS) “c8y deploy:app myapp” doesnt work for me; I also tried various args with “c8ycli” to no avail. But, the following from “” did work!

npm run build
npm run deploy

Thanks Charles, however seem it was a problem with my npm installation. After a removing completely and installing I have this working with c8y deploy:app

Are you fine with using c8y deploy:app?

Yes, c8y deploy:app is working for me.