BrokerEvent > IData (or XML)


I would like to convert the structured field datas of an broker event into an IS document or into directly an XML document.

I’m familiar with the getStructFieldAsEvent method of the BrokerEvent class, but I hope there is “one statement” solution for this translation. :lol:

I’m interesting in flow service-based solution too.

I will appriciate any help about it,

You may have to depend on Broker API only for doing this kind.

Did you also check the Broker java API userguide for more info on the function that you mentioned?


Thank you the quick answer!

Unfortunately, I spent a few days reading guides and forums, but I didn’t find relevant information.

Yes, I checked this function, we can write a cycle, what can process the broker type document (in document type independent mode) and can make XML document in this way, but I hope there is a factory solution, because it sounds a workaround way, isn’t it? … :slight_smile:


Yes I agree but that is the only work around to tackle it unfortunately :frowning:

In this case, I will not waste my lot of time for the searching of the final solution.

So, You saved my time, thanks a lot for it! :smiley:

Have a good weekend,