BrokerDate Problems

A BrokerDate has had the clear() method (Reason no date provided in the event) preformed in a custom operation step. This BrokerDate is mapped to an ODBC insert operation. The ODBC Insert operation then fails with an invalid date format error. (The ODBC debug trace prints nothing for this parameter)

For dates filled in the triggering event the mapping of the BrokerDate from the custom operation step to the ODBC Insert operation step works fine and the ODBC row insert is performed.

I have also set the ODBC insert operation mapping for the date column to ‘not assigned’ and the ODBC insert operation inserts the row just fine.

This leads me to believe that I am some how not setting the BrokerDate correctly for non-existent dates.

PS: Using 4.1.1 Adapter with the latest service packs. EI 4.1.1 and Broker Server 4.1

Thanks in advance

Make sure you have checked “Allow Unset Fields” in the Integration Component properties. If you don’t check that property, the adapter has no way of knowing that the field is not set.