Broker wM711 and wM61 in Territory

[COLOR=navy]Hi all, [/color]

I understand that, it’s possible to have both 7.1 and 6.1 broker communicating via territory.

Using MWS 7.11, when I’m trying to add the 6.1 broker, I got the following error :

[POP.012.0007.wm_msg_sc_territories] Error: Differences in Document Type Infosets could be a cause for Broker “” not joining Territory “TestingTerr_wM71_POC”. Specify how Infosets should be treated when using a forced join.Error: The Broker “” cannot join territory “TestingTerr_wM71_POC” because of differences in client group and document type definitions. The following are in conflict: “” “Broker::Ping” To successfully join the territory, make the definitions for the above document types the same or use a force join.

[FONT=Tahoma]Does it mean we can’t share the same territory ? [/font]