Broker version using Broker Java API


We are having Broker version 092506 installed on the server. We can get this version number using broker_status command line utility.

How can I get this version number using Broker Java API’s ?

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Hi Prashant,

what about BrokerMonitorClient.getVersion()?

Details can be found in webMethods_Broker_Client_Java_API_Programmers_Guide_6.5.2.pdf
available from Advantage Bookshelf.


Thanks Holger . I got it using BrokerMonitorClient.getVersion().

BrokerMonitorClient.getVersion() returns version of Broker Monitor and not of the Broker. It is possible to use a Broker Monitor 6.5.2 and run previous versions of broker all the way to 4 (and probably even earlier then those).

than try the following one:

Broker Monitor´s version must be greater or equal to Broker´s version when both are on the same host.

Running old Brokers on the new Monitor is not supported (check the compatibility matrix on Advantage).

We are currently discussing with wM if running IS 6.1 with Broker 6.5 or 6.5.2 is a supported platform or not.


At one of my previous client, they have been running 5.0.1, 6.1 and 6.5 (not 6.5.2) brokers on same host since last 6 months. (We are in middle of upgrade to webMethods 6 Platform, the 5.0.1 will be gone by spring 2007).

They had issues with Broker 6.1 and webMethods Technical Support recommanded to move to Broker 6.5 (keeping everything else as is). The recommandation to move to 6.5 was based on following:

  1. 6.5 is updated and active code (Patches and Service Packs will be created)
  2. Ability for PD and TS to be able to research the bugs will be better on 6.5.

Now since webMethods has released 6.5.2, the client is considering moving to 6.5.2.

The Integration Servers used are 6.1. One Integration server (only for Broker Admin Purpose) is running 6.5.

We Have been in a scenario where we ran 4.0 (!!), 5.0.1, 6.1 and 6.5 on same box under Broker Monitor 6.5 at same time for a short span of time without any issue.


remember that Broker 6.5.2 requires myWebMethods to administer Brokers 6.5.2.

There is currently no IS BrokerAdmin package which works with Broker 6.5.2, but wM plans to provide one (according to the readmes for Broker 6.5.2).


WmBrokerAdmin/ service is throwing error that No broker name entered. I want to check broker version using flow service as client do not have admin interface.

Can any body give the information how to view the Broker version present and previous (with all previous patches) from Broker admin page or any other way.

under broker bin …run

awbroker -version

awbrokermon -version