Broker update

We in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology are updating systems. We got Broker from you back sometime in 2002 to communicate with our mainframe. I can get you specifics if necessary, but we’re wondering if there is an update that will run our mainframe and our host OS of RedHat and Oracle 12c. Is Broker available for this?


Vern Shellman

Please contact your account manager for details.

If you are talking about webMethods Broker, then yes, you can either upgrade to latest supported version, or you can migrate to Universal Messaging.

Hi Vern,

In generally I agree with Sandeep.

You can check in the documentation section of Empower or TechCommunity for the System Requirements Documentation.

Latest version of Broker is 9.6 as far as I know, but I have seen that there is also a version 10.5.

I am not sure if there is also a version 10.1 and/or 10.3 as I did not try to load them.