Broker thing


I am new to webMethods.I wanted to know how many broker can connect to a webMethods server at a time?:confused:

Thanks !

Hi Dev_wM,

You can connect only ONE (1) broker to an Integration Server at a time.


The view is reversed: Integration Server connects to Broker, and it can only connect to one Broker. Be careful with “at a time” as well. Changing the Broker to which IS connects is not necessarily trivial.

Broker itself doesn’t connect to anything (except other Brokers in a territory)–all Broker clients come to it.


so IS can connect to one broker server at a time and we can switch to another if required.
but that broker server can have multiple brokers inside it.

Is following scenario possible?
If there is an IS ‘A’ and it publishes something to Broker ‘A’ then can it be subscribe to broker’B’ which can further send it to IS 'B ’ ?

May be my question is silly please dont mind.I am very poor on basics :frowning:


IS connects to a specific Broker hosted within a Broker Server.

The scenario you describe is doable using a Broker territory. Place Brokers A and B in the same territory and they will share document types, permissions, etc. Clients of B can subscribe to any document type. If a client of A publishes a document of that type, the clients of B will get it.

You can also connect territories via territory gateways.

The docs have all the info on setting these up.

Broker server is connected to only one broker at an instance.

This is incorrect. A Broker Server hosts one or more Brokers. A Broker Server does not connect to anything.

Perhaps you meant an Integration Server can connect to one Broker at a time?

Is this a limitation or a security feature?

It is a limitation when using the “native” facilities. (This was debated and discussed years back in another thread when IS and Broker were first integrated when version 6 was first released.)

Using JMS facilities an IS can use more than 1 JMS provider–wM Broker can be used as a JMS provider.