How many brokers can we able to configure as part of a single IS

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How many brokers can we able to configure as part of single IS. If it is only one, what about in Clustered environment … ? If we are able to configure more than one broker as part of single IS what are advantages and disadvantages in terms of document processing …

One. In an IS cluster, each IS must be configured identically. So all the nodes in an IS cluster will connect to the same Broker.

Is there some reason you did not believe my answer to your other post that asked the same question?


It’s not like that … As we know that broker is a high speed msg router, if had been a chance to configure multiple brokers as part of single IS then we would have been processed multiple doc’s as part of those brokers with out experiencing any performance issues. I am not that sure as i didn’t get a chance to implement it as part of my project. Thanks for your reply …

It’s been my experience that Broker has never been the bottleneck. The bottleneck is IS.

webMethods Broker is always high performer in terms of message routing.

Using native broker, IS connects just to one Broker. Use JMS connection in IS to connect to webMethods Broker. In this way, your IS can talk to as many brokers as you want through JMS.


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If you decide to use the JMS interface with Broker, be sure to understand any functional differences that may exist between the JMS provider interface and the native interface. Particularlly in regards to load balancing, failover, and serial processing. What you may be familiar with in the native interface may not function the same way via JMS.

At any point of time, an integration server can connects to a single broker…All the IS’s in the clsuter should connect to the same broker.