Broker Territory Creation And Use

Here we have 2 Integration servers in network. My requirement is, I want to publish my document to Broker #1 of Integration server 1, and I need to subscriber the document from the broker of another Integration server. How can achieve this?

read the Broker guide, it’s very simple territory setting

In One IS, i have added the broker server (say remotehost) of another IS.

I have created a broker (say remoteBroker) in that remotehost broker server and made it as default. Because, broker#1@remotehost:6849 is not visible in the available list.

I have created a territory and added my “broker #1@localhost:6849” and “remoteBroker@remotehost:6849”

After that, i have created a publishable document and synchronized (push to broker).
But i am unable to see that publishable document type at remoteBroker to create a broker document type.

How can i subscribe without creating broker docType of that published doc in broker 1 of IS one. In Territory DocTypes are supposed to be shared.

HI akash,

you can do event sharing between broker document types, that suits ur requirement , if it gets published in one
it will be subscribed in other

Thank you


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Hi Deepthi,

           Thanks, But How can we do event sharing between broker document types.  Please explain...

Do we have to create Territory in both the servers?

2 ways you can achieve

  1. Put both brokers in 1 single territory
  2. Create a territory for each broker and link via a gateway betwen territoru