Broker Status

How to find out Broker status using IS flow services? I know their is a command called “broker_status”, which is a command line program. I need the same by using flow services.


You can use the below flow services to know the broker status.

The above two services take brokerName and serverName as input parameters. You don’t see these parameters in the service-in of the above said services. You need to add them manually and they are case-sensitive.These two services are present in WmBrokerAdmin package.

You can also use to know if the connection between the Integration server and the broker exists or not. No input is required for this service.This service is present in WmRoot package.


Hi Sivaram,

Thanks for your suggestion. But their is a problem, I didn’t see any WmRoot package in Developer. Iam using WM 6.1. I can see WmRoot in my admin page. Can you please tell me how to INVOKE I am new to webMethods. One more thing i.e Broker admin page is also not accessable, but my broker is working fine.


Well, you can open up developer and create a new flow service. Add an element, and choose browse. In the above box, type in the and it should work.

TO see your WmRoot Node in developer, you have to modify the server.cnf file. I do not advise this as it exposes internal services that can have a fiercely negative impact on your environment if used incorrectly.

However, if you must, search the forums for the exact specifics here on wmusers to expose the WmRoot Package.



Thanks Ray

It worked.


To expose the WmRoot package just add this line in the ISAdminConsole/Extended settings and restart the IS.

watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=False(to expose in the Developer)
watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=False(not to expose in the Developer)


Thanks RMG

You guys are great. I think I will be addicted to wmusers.