Broker server protection

Hello all, :slight_smile:

I want to protect the acces to my server broker.
I have a server where are installed my broker server, and other server where are installed webmethods adapters, who re connecting to my broker server.
i want to limit the acces the acces to my broker server, for the client adapter server of my choice.

A is my webmethods server, with my brokers server.
B is a client server, with webmethods adapters.
C is a client server, with webmethods adapters.
So for exemple, i want configure my “A” broker server, to accept the connection to the “B” server adapter, but to denied acces to the “C” server adpaters.
I am using webmethod version 4, 5, and 6.5.

Thank you all in advance.


One approach is to use SSL (this used to be the only way, and may still be). Clients without the proper SSL cert will not be able to connect.

As an aside, I’m pretty sure that keystores required to enable Broker SSL have changed from a proprietary (or at least less well known) format to a more common one in the 7.1 release.


yeah its a tough one with the mixing of versions going on here. is there a way you can stick a firewall between the A and C to prevent this? It wouldnt have to stop all connections, just connections from C to A on the brokers port.

Depending on the OS, you should be able to do IP/port filtering on the server itself (I think).

sure, a good point!


I’m on a sun OS 5.8, and i’ll see for a firewall protection, and i’m not using the SSL connection.

thanks all for the answers.