Broker Server Config

I installed broker with no-root user.when I create Broker Server use followiing command,it’s ok.
./server_config create /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata
-k … …

but when I added more parameters,it failed.

./server_config create /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata
-k …
-p 6849 -session_config qs
-qs_log_file /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata/configData.qs.log 20M
-qs_storage_file /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata/configData01.qs.stor 500M 100M
-session_data qs -qs_log_file /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata/zyData.qs.log 200M


Creating new Broker Server:

Datadir: /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata2

Executable: /home/user01/webMethods7_2/Broker/bin/awbroker

Port: 6849

License-key: “…”

Description: “”
Adding QS files (this may take a few moments):
Segmentation fault

in " /home/user01/webMethods7_2/bkdata2" only create “awbroker.cfg” and “BrokerConfig.qs”

why I can’t create Broker Server by more parameters?