Broker Server and Monitor

I have Broker running on the same server for version 7.1.3 and version 8.2.2. I attempted to have them running on different ports but I believe there is a conflict since both will not run at the same time. Is it required to use the unconfig command to change the port numbers or can an update of the broker config be done and restart of the broker take care of it?

Suggested way would be to use commands instead of directly editing the file… Other than this config file, if there are any other place where this change needs to be reflected, the commands will take care.

Use unconfig command to change Broker monitor port number, and server_config utility to change broker server’s base port number.

Refer to the topics ‘Changing the Base Port Setting’ and ‘Changing the Port setting for Broker Monitor’ in Administering Broker guide on how to use these command modes.