Broker - Lexical operator issue

Hi All,

I was unable to see subscription filter on the broker client even after setting lexical operator on the trigger.

Condition set on trigger: %header/processName% L_EQUALS “XXX”
doc structure: attached
trigger processing is Concurrent


I have created another trigger with similar condition in my local folder …then will be able to see the subscription filter in broker client… condition: %Doc/Name% L_EQUALS “xxxx”

both of these triggers created in same environment ( one is production trigger & another is created for testing)

Can somebody please suggest why it is working for one and why not for other…please suggest

Hello sreekanth,

Could you Please try once by giving full qualified name of IS document in trigger.


Hi Sreekanth,

I agree with Prem.

To do so, copy the doc type in package navigator and paste in the right location in the condition.

Remember that the Input-Document of the triggered service must have the fully qualified name as well.
Otherwise the document will not reach the service.


Thanks a lot for the inputs.

field “processName” is not in synch with broker not sure how it is missed out but the issue is fixed after synch.

Thanks again.