Broker JMS problem

We are encountering the following error when we try to put a message on a queue

2006-11-22 11:15:51 IST [SCC.0126.0001E] SCC ConnectionManager Pool Started
2006-11-22 11:15:52 IST [ART.0114.1007E] Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Erro
r log for details. Error: [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unab
le to invoke adapter service JMSTest.TestQueue:SendMessage.
[ADA.680.1014] JMS Exception in (WmJMSUtils.sendMessage):
Unable to deliver ‘null’ using client group ‘BrokerJMS_Sessions’


Please Advice
Gautam Parnaik

Hello Gautam,