Broker Command Logging set up

We have EntireX v9.10 under z/OS, using Natural ACI Servers

In order to diagnose a performance issue, and to log response-times, we would like to capture data from the Broker Command Log.

The documentation describes Attributes: CMDLOG, CMDLOG-FILE-SIZE, and NUM-CMDLOG-FILTER, and describes how to use ETBCMD command-line to administer; I think I understand these.

re: Command Log Files, the manual says: “At Broker startup, you will need to supply two command log file names and paths.” But I have not found any more-detailed instructions as to how to do this.

The documentation describes how to define the TRACE dataset inside the Attribute file, but I don’t know how to define the CMDLOG dataset. Please advise.

use //DDCLOGR1 //DDCLOGR2 to point to the datasets to write to. Allocate as DISP=SHR so you can copy off the information as it flips.

To quote the docs:
Under z/OS, the file requirements are two equally sized, physical sequential files defined with a record length of 121 bytes, i.e.
DCB=(LRECL=121,RECFM=FB,BLKSIZE=nnnn). We recommend you allocate files with a single (primary) extent only. For example SPACE=(CYL,(30,0)). The minimum file size is approximately 3 cylinders of 3390 device.

I’ll ask that the documentation be updated with the DD names needed.