Broker cluster and storage

We have an issue with active/passive broker configuration. Is there a way to configure the mounts on shared storage (SAN), like by defining two different set of mounts on the shared storage in order to maintain broker binaries or executables (We are planning to keep binaries and data files both on SAN).

I know the best practice is to keep binaries on local storage and data files on shared location (SAN) but need to know if the above can be done (both on SAN) and how.

Also, how it can be achieved by NOT using the available broker clustering methods like Veritas, Serviceguard, etc. Can we accomplish this by creating custom unix scripts or some other method?


The answers to your questions is yes with a but…The separation of binaries from data is desirable but you can do that on the SAN as well as local (I’ve done it both ways and there really isn’t any difference). Your brokermonitor, broker server binaries and your broker data can all be in separate locations. Doing it that will allow you to maintain each set of binaries and data stores independent of one another. For instance you can upgrade your brokermonitor without upgrading your broker server binaries which comes in handy during upgrades.

As for the scripts versus the commercial software, I’m not sure I would go there. Probably could be but would not advice it.

Thanks, Mark.