Broker Client Disconnected

One of my Broker clients somehow became “disconnected”. When I looked at it using myWebMethods (navigate to Administration/Messaging/Broker Servers/Clients) its “Connected” attribute = No.

How can I reconnect it?? What I did was recreate the trigger which resolved the problem but doesn’t seem to be a very good solution.

Its a known issue for a very long time. 8X seems to have dealt with the situation. Its a open SR on Empower as well. For the time you are going about the right workaround by recreate the trigger. Also try and and reload packages if your broker client gets disconnected. This normally solved the issue.


We are facing a similar issue for version 9.5. Some Clients are getting disconnected automtically.
Also, when we are changing processing mode of triggers to serial, the trigger is getting disconnected on the broker.
Putting it back to concurrent mode is connecting it again. Has any body come accross any solution to this?
Please let me know.

Many Thanks,
Priya Bhauka.

As a work around if you want to change the mode try delete and recreating the trigger with serial mode and restart the IS.

Also since this is a new 9.5 instance better open SR with the SAG support and resolve it.


Thanks for your reply. Actually, the triggers i was referring to were process model subscription triggers. Dont think we have an option in the designer to create the model with serial mode for the trigger after deployng it. Thats why we are facing this.
We are trying to find if any such option exists though, and alao shall raise a SR with SAG then.