Broker Attribute

As described in Broker Attribute File, there are following attributes

Number of worker tasks that the Broker can use. The number of worker tasks determines the number of functions (SEND, RECEIVE, REGISTER, etc.) that can be processed concurrently. At least one worker task is required.

Number of clients that can access the Broker concurrently.

Hence, I have the the following questions.

1/ If a transaction involving multiple sync. call to Entire-X RPC server from Java, will the transaction fails to complete or deadlock due to unavailable worker or client queue in between the transaction?

2/ Is it correct to say that worker is a shared resource among the processing request from client, and it is not bound to a particular user session in the RPC server. Hence, a worker can be assigned to multiple concurrent request sessions?


1/ no. if the transaction has started, it will be able to finish. If worker task is unavailable, the transaction will be queued until a worker task is available (subject to the various time out limits and NUM*, queue limits that will depend on your operating system and environment, such as CQE’s and UQE’s). If the NUM-CLIENT is exceeded, the message will be returned with an error code
2/ yes.