Broker 6.5.2 utilities hang on Red Hat ES 4

I successfully installed Broker 6.5.2 on Red Hat ES Version 4 in a VMWare virtual machine. BrokerMonitor and Broker start normally using the installation script created during the install in /etc/3.d/S45broker65 and both processes appear in the running processes list using “ps -ef | grep aw”.

However, none of the command line utilities work. All just hang with no errors on the console or in the logs.

Any ideas?


Did you figure this out yet? The only things I could think of are Java problems ( i run into a couple of issues in the past on Redhat), Processor incompatibility (not running a funky IBM chip are you?), or some 32/64 bit compatibility mode issue.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, we are only running the IS on Redhat right now(Reverse Invoke).