Broken Connection between Reverse HTTP Gateway and Internal Server

Hello Support Team,

we have set up a Reverse HTTP Gateway, evertything has been worked for last two months. But last week and today, the external Clients-Requests dont be forwarded to the Internal Server.This Message has be shown in the Log:

7 Requests are waiting (for an available connection) to be forwarded across Registration Port 6666 to an Internal Integration Server

I have to login on Internal Server, and deactivate and finally activate the well-setted HTTP Port (Registration Internal). Afterwards the Request will be forwarded to the Internal Server. Why nedd I to do this (disable the Port / then enable the Port)?

Especially our Customer has to tell us, that they got a Time-out Session.

Now my Question:
How can we monitor the Reverse HTTP Gateway and Internal Server?

Best Regards


I had a same trouble in my 8.2.1 environment.

after applying below extended setting, everything works great.

Reverse G/W


Internal IS

  • watt.server.rg.internalregistration.timeout=120