bringing data to X-Tension.

  1. I created a .jsp page where the user enters the project_id, project_name and the manager_name for the project.
    2. Now Tamino X-Application gets the data and transfers that data to Tamino Schema to create an instance.
    3. The element in Tamino Schema is mapped to X-Tension.
    4. In X-Tension, I have a SQL query where i use the info in the manager tag(which comes from X-Application that is given by the user).

    how to get the manager_name to x-tension?

The element will be pased as third parameter of the Map-In function. You have to fetch its content by paring or other means.
Please see the documentation or the delivered examples.
Kind regards, Michael

I’m not quite sure what you are actually trying to do.

I suppose, you defined a map-in and a map-out function (and preferably an on-delete function, too).

Then as input for the map-in function you get the node-id, ino-id and the content of the tag (all from till , in your case, so I think there should be something like manager_name). You may return any string in nodeinfo.

The map-out function has 3 input parameters, namely node-id, ino-id and nodeinfo, and should return some document ( anything between in your case).

So if you need the manager_name in the map-out function, it has to be stored somewhere by the map-in function, using node-id and ino-id as key. Or, if there is no other place to store, you could return it in the nodeinfo (which is stored by Tamino) and you’ll get it back in the map-out function.


Julius Geppert