BPM WebMethods7.0 : Time Based Task Escalation.


I’m working with webMethods BPM using Designer 7.0. In my scenario when a task is not approved by User1 within 2 minutes, then it should be removed from User1’s inbox and put into User2’s inbox.

In Task Rules → Schedule, there are attributes for setting a action based on a absolute time of the day/date, but not on duration.

Can someone advice how this can be achieved.
Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Iam new to webMethods7.0. I want to know what is this BPM is? Is it a component coming with wm7.0? What is wm designer7.0? Its urgent.

I have newly installed wm7.0, iam able to see only developer6.5 and TN6.5 components. I want to know what is BPMS is? Is it a component? Can anyone
give me detailed description on BPM? Its urgent.

Check out the following doc : Getting Started with Business Process Management 6.5.1 from