BPM server is in error state

GM All,

Hope you all are doing good.

I am using wM8.0 version, able to create and deploy the environment in MWS successfully but BPM Server in error state ( find attached snap, my pc name is My-PC )

Points observed:

1.Able to create the BPM model, able to run it in debug mode but didn’t see process Instances created as part of MWS.
2. Broker server is running on 6839 port (On 7849 other version of wM installed which is currently down) number but as part of Analytical engine logs able to see below error details :

(OPTIMIZE) [Analytic Engine v8.0.0.0.BrokerConnectionFactory.UnknownKey] 2015-01-11 15:03:42.298 IST ERROR: com.webMethods.jms.admin.WmJMSAdminException: [BRM.10.4011] JMS: Unable to connect to Broker at “Abdul-PC:6849”: Connection refused: connect
at com.webMethods.jms.admin.WmJMSAdminImpl.(WmJMSAdminImpl.java:109)
at com.webMethods.jms.admin.WmJMSAdminFactory.create(WmJMSAdminFactory.java:94)
at com.webMethods.optimize.jms.BrokerConnectionFactory.getWmJMSAdmin(BrokerConnectionFactory.java:234)
at com.webMethods.optimize.jms.BrokerConnectionFactory.initBroker(BrokerConnectionFactory.java:176)
at com.webMethods.optimize.jms.BrokerConnectionFactory.init(BrokerConnectionFactory.java:94)

Please tell me which file do I need to modify to overcome 2nd error —

Find attached snapshot of Environment details which is been defined in MWS.

Please let me know if you need additional information, i tried to troubleshoot but not able to.

Kindly help me to overcome this issue.


Try providing the localhost and check server status?

Also check the server.log on IS and post the error message after you click on check server status on MWS

Hi All,

Issue is been fixed. It was due to I didn’t install wMMonitor component, didn’t set saml property in IS extended settings.


Good to see that you fixed yourself. You missed the SAML setting on IS and that is not reason you are not able to check the status of your IS on MWS.