BPM Process execution using O4P

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We are currently facing an issue in the execution of a process (dummy BPM process where no events are being triggered).And the process execution should be done through O4P(optimise for process).We are able to start the execution using the in-built service
pub.optimize.monitoring:pushProcessControlOperation and pub.optimize.monitoring:pushStepControlOperation but we are unable to proceed with further execution of the process through flow service which in turn invokes the built-in services as mentioned above.

And also we are getting the exception as "Remote Exception caught: electric.util.WrappedException: SOAPException( Server: Maximum number of statement managers reached (5) ) " while searching for the logged fields in MWS(Process Instance).


I’m afraid that without the “build and deploy” operation you are not creating all the components necessary for process execution (namely the IS package, triggers and documents, and possibly some important database entries).

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We have successfully met our requirement but we are now struck up with the process of updating the PRT table for the failure scenarios where only the BAM table is getting updated.Is there any possibility to update the PRT table manually? or to update both the BAM and PRT table simultaneously? .Can you please help out to meet this requirement.


there is a possibilty to “Upload for Analysis only”, which should create all the required things when the process does not have any integration development on IS.

Please check BPM development Guide and Optimize Users Guide for details.