BPM Process Build takes too long

Hello everyone,

I have a question on BPM process build duration. We have created two BPM processes. One of them is a “master” process" and invokes the other (“subordinate”) process about 150 times, each time with different input parameteres. So there is 150 of callable instance of the other BPM process in the master one. Some of them running in parallel, some serial.

The problem is, that to build the master process takes about 90 minutes. Based on what I saw in the log file and in the database, I suspect that the callable process is being built 150 times, even though one would do. I beileved that once the subordinate process gets build, it doesn’t ned to be rebuilt as many times as used in other process.

Is my observation correct? Can I somehow optimize this behaviour and make he build faster?
(Running on wM 9.9 BPM Trial.)

Thansk for any suggestions.

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Dear Ivo Janik,
Change Designer preferences?Process Developemnt ? Build and Upload ?’Automatically build/upload referenced process with parent process’ to “Never” or “Prompt” .
This will deploy only the parent process.
After this deploy child process separately.

Hi Rudrakanth,

that’s great. Will try.

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Ivo – Any luck on this ?


Yes, success. I did the recommended setup change and the designer stopped building the callable process.

Perfect, many thanks for sugestion.


Glad to hear :slight_smile: :slight_smile: