BPM process - add a new field to pipeline document

Product/components used and version/fix level: webMethods 10.1 - BPM

Detailed explanation of the problem:

Is there any way to add a new value to document in BPM pipeline? For example I’ve published com.test.myDoc document with 2 fields: field1 and field2. Instance process has been started correctly, and few steps are done. But now I need to add field3 to myDoc document in the existing processes pipelines.
Is it possible?

You need to edit the document from MWS and then resubmit it as far as I remember.

Hi Engin,

this won´t work as you can only change the content for existing fields in the document, but not adding additional fields.

You need to make sure that the fields have been added by earlier steps in the process instance.

When this is a design purpose you can build a new version of the BPM and deploy it to PE/PRT.
When this is done you can update the instances to use the new version instead of the old version.
But I am not sure if this will fill the new fields automatically then.

See BPM Developers Guide for further informations.



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