BPM Deployment

Hello Team,

Can anyon tell me what are the correct steps to deploy process model from DEV to QA using the deployer?

Actually I have a simple process which call a service flow.

When I am deploying it is actually deleting and creating the package again.

But nothin happen in QA.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
Lutchumaya Karri Veeranna

you can deploy the process using the deployer. can you elaborate your issue


Can you be specific about what all changes you are not able to see in QA? Are you talking about the BPM IS package? Deployer will always put the package in archive and deploy the new one.

Can you see the process model in MWS?

Also, while deploying, are you selecting the type pf the deployment set as ‘process model’ or ‘IS’?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil