boundNode question....

In WmSamples


In the map, how is the definition of the boundNode set?

If I try to simply mimic loadCatalog, I cannot define the boundNode in the manner in which is done in the sample.

Also, I see what is being done, but if someone could explain the concept abit further I’m sure that would help.

To be clear, when I try to add the definition, and click save, it does not keep the structure that I define.

Ok this is my solution for this issue. If u want to define a data structure within the boundednode record you should copy a record reference or define the fields within the boundednode and then map at least one of the elements to a variable in the pipeline. This will allow u to save your user defined data structure in the boundednode. If no variable is mapped from the boundednode to a target variable in the pipeline, webmethods will discard all elements in the boundednode.

Another technique is to map the boundednode to a recordreference that mathces the shape of your incoming document. Then you can map the fields from this reference to your target variables or structure.

Regards, Dlite