Borland Database

Hi All,

Does webMethods JDBC Adapter support Borland interbase database?
Any idea how to connect to this DB from webMethods IS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t BDE more or less an API (and supporting underlying code) for accessing different types of databases? One writes C/C++ code to access different types of DBs. I do not believe there is a Java API exposed by BDE.

Would using a JDBC driver to access the DB that is behind BDE be a workable option?

webMethods is a company, not a product.


I don’t think Interbase is on the list of supported databases. That said, if they provided a decent (Type III or Type IV) JDBC adapter, it might work.

See this article for more information on the Interclient JDBC driver for Interbase.


Thank you Rob and Mark.

Interclient is an InterBase open source.
But these test builds are not certified.

Can I use WmADK to connect to this database?


Not without building a custom adapter which seems like overkill to connect to a low-end open source database.


So what you suggest is to use Interclient JDBC API in a java service?

Since we could do anything and everything using a java service, when do we use an ADK?


I would first attempt to use the Interclient JDBC driver with the webMethods JDBC adapter.

Creating an adapter using the ADK requires advanced java skills and a large investment of time. You’d only want to do that, IMHO, if you were exposing a new type of resource for which there was no existing adapter and that you planned on using extensively in future integrations.

An example would be if you had some type of third-party CRM or ERP application that provided an API but that didn’t have an existing adapter from webMethods. You would would also need the abiltiy to create adapter service templates and potentially adapter notifications for that resource.

It’s way too much work for simple JDBC access.


Thanks Mark. If using the Interclient JDBC driver with the webMethods JDBC adapter does not work, do you think writing a java service using JDBC API would work? Both way we are trying to do the same, right?


From the tech overview pdf


“InterClient 4.7: This new version of Borland InterClient Type 4 JDBC driver improves performance up to 20% with more efficient memory utilization”

Sounds like this JDBC driver would be the way to go.