BNF Grammar


Can anybody please help me to find out the BNF Grammar link for Natural.

I want to write a parser for Natural-Adabas on Mainframe. For that I need BNF Grammar for Natural-Adabas.

Also is there any parser available for Natural-Adabas ?

My purpose behind this is to Create Code Documentation so that it will help to maintain the code.

Thanks !!

The documentation of Natural contains a kind of grammar description. For example:

Well, good look!


its not really a link to the bnf of natural but here is a pretty good natural parser

i tried it myself creating a pgm to convert natural to afaik it runs on windows.

basis for my conversion was the xml-tree (for a program) produced by this parser.


Thanx Baxter for your help.
I downloaded the parser from specified link. But when I open one of my program in the parser(through open command), it’s saying “Error Tcl/Tk: Can’t find a usable init.tcl …”.
I did’t find the any help file for how to use this parser.
Kindly, could you please help me to resolve this. Attached is the error file created when I load the program for reference.

error.txt (148 KB)

Hello vpapinwar,

i don’t know why, but i received an email-notification of your posting vom 9th of april just today. anyway.

Did you install or have you alreday installed the tcl/tk? afaik this is required software for the parser but it is not included in the install-package, due to licence issues.

google for “tcl/tk” and “download”. it’s an open-source (free of charge) package.

to avoid further problems with the installation and to get a quick overview you can try to ask the author if he is able to translate a sample program for you into xml.


Hello vpapinwar,
if you like to create code docuementation you really dont need
to write a parser. Contact your local Software AG office and
ask for a copy of Natural Engineer, that generates the code documentation and more automatically. So you need not
spend time in writing parsers, that have been done by
Natural specialosts already.
regards Karlheinz